Friday, January 17, 2014

My New Toys - or - I Love my Mac

So Christmas came around and things went well.  I found myself in the situation where I could expedite my purchase of a new computer.  Each time I've bought a new computer, it's always been with a view to keeping it for 10 years or so.  My previous computer was a Dell desktop, which I upgraded to the nines and it still works really well.  I decided this round that I'd get a Macbook Pro.  My reasoning was that this product would be my  production platform for creative writing, while the desktop remained the central family computer.

I had to wait for about two weeks after the order to allow the upgraded system to arrive from Apple's assembly plant in China.  It was a rather anxious couple of weeks.  When it finally arrived, I still couldn't quite grasp just how well and far laptops have come since I bought my Dell.  Back then, laptops were huge, clunky affairs.  To put into perspective, a colleague was cleaning her desk and returning an old Toshiba.  The system was nearly as thick as the box for my MBP!  So, with a grin that knew no limits, I unpacked and gleefully started 'er up; I've haven't looked back since.  With 16 Gb of RAM and a fully upgraded processor, I'm content with the basic storage capacity, given the system's primary function.  If it ever comes to it, external flash storage is a hell of a lot cheaper than Apple's proprietary hardware.

Another toy I decided to get to tide me over while the MBP was being assembled was the Apple iPad Air; again, the bare bones storage capacity is more than enough for our purposes.  What a sweet little system!  My wife and mother-in-law are still awestruck that this thin, little device can do so much.  I went for the Air instead of the Mini largely due to screen size preference and a few reviews that showed the Air had a slightly better capacity for graphic presentation.

Now that I have a dedicated platform, I'm looking forward to cracking some works out!

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