Inspiration for the Realms

Where it all began....

Aside from being a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, role-playing games have always been a heavy influence. For the first several years it was as a player with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (for those who knew and loved what THAC0 was all about) and ROBOTECH. Later as a Game Master, I was forced to start plotting out adventures for the players and voila, essentially you are living the story during game nights. Leading a group in RIFTS, AD&D, Legend of the Five Rings was incredibly rewarding.


When Wizards of the Coast launched the Open Game License concept for their new version of Dungeons & Dragons, there was a flurry of campanies looking to launch OGL products. I was once of them, but we never developed the concepts into product before others flooded the market. In that business, a lot of success is based on being first in through the door. With a heavy heart, I shelved the world of Ihr'Vessen.

I finally decided one day to try my hand at writing the story. I had plot points galore for adventure modules and sourcebooks. It seemed easy to align everything and develop a coherent and interesting set of story arcs; I was more right than wrong but it certainly wasn't a simple project. Then the typing began in earnest. Is it an easy process? Heck no.... Yet the end result of the first book is rewarding all the same.  For my efforts, I have six books plot-lined. First complete, second coming along, looking foward to numbers three to six.

The Ochra Cycle

Book 1: Of Desolation and Omens (complete - approx 90k words)
Book 2: Nights of the Assassin (in process)
Book 3: Darkness Divides (plotted)
Book 4: Of Honour and Anguish (plotted)
Book 5: Of Faith and Fury (plotted)
Book 6: Songs of Hope (plotted)

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