About Me

Born in Chilliwack (BC, Canada), I grew up a "base-brat" calling other cities in Canada home: Longeuil and St-Hubert (Quebec), Kingston (Ontario), Moncton (New Brunswick), as well as a joyous childhood stint in Tucson (Arizona, USA) before finally settling in Fredericton (New Brunswick).

An avid fan of all things science fiction and fantasy, The Ochra Cycle is heavily influenced by a myriad of authors (Dan Abnett, Adrian Tchaikovsky, George R.R. Martin, among others), movies (Lord of the Rings, the original trilogy of Star Wars, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon), television series (Battlestar Gallactica, Ghost in the Shell, Band of Brothers), including groups from various music styles (notably not country, apologies to any country fans).

One notable accomplishment was contributing to the RIFTS® roleplaying game (Palladium Books) by submitting and getting published for Worldbook 22: Free Quebec. It's a fantastic feeling seeing my name in print and knowing that I had helped shape or influence this fantastic post-apocalyptic setting.

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