Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well March and Most of April was a Write-off….

…. and definitely not in the good sense.  Between work, my birthday, weekend activities for the kids and other various life-requirements that needed solving or attending, things just never happened as I wanted them to during March; heck, most of April too.  I was able to haphazardly get some writing done, as well as line up some beta readers to look over the first parts of my manuscript.  For the most part, my life has been consumed with yearly personnel evaluations – all 100+, which require my editing, at least once, sometimes through multiple iterations after I re-send them back for corrections.

I was very, very strongly leaning towards the third button

About the only thing I accomplished with any degree of certainty was delving into Warmachine, which is an absolute diversion from writing.  Assembling and painting models for use in a tabletop war game certainly allows the mind to take a break from writing; it is simply the time devoted into the process that I kick myself for.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, et cetera.  The local gaming group is pretty vibrant and I’m looking forward to getting into the game.
With the first manuscript under beta review, it’s time to dive into book 2.  I had previously written about a half-dozen chapters from a new character’s POV, I find myself cursing up a storm after accidentally deleting it – all of it, electronic chapter notes and all.  After slashing the first book’s manuscript by over half, I was going to have to trim down the klag (unnecessary elements and useless prose) anyways, so nothing unrecoverable.  Given what I remember, there was likely a significant amount begging to get axed.  I also have a few hurdles that I hadn’t planned for in the first manuscript that weren’t accounted for in the plot outline of book 2.  Thankfully, I started everything in a couple of notebooks, which I was able to drag out of my storyboard pile.
Well, it is April and I successfully navigated through April Fool’s Day, despite all attempts otherwise.  It’s time to buckle down and get on with it.  Chapter notes for book 2....

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