Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real life vampires....

Well, nothing so grandiose as the blood-sucking types, but time, effort and desire-to-write sucking activities and events that seem to have taken over my life these past three or four weeks. If it isn't the job (and this is my primary culprit), it's family, friends and other diversions that simply leave me vacant of all desires to write.

One diversion I found wildly amusing was watching the first season of Fringe on DVD. These guys (the writers) are sometimes likely accused of taking the hallucinagenics the quack-science from the sixties that inspires much of the plot. Hilarious but entertaining nonetheless.

Now that things seem to have stabilized and my day-job/career has founded roots closer to normalcy (I daresay sanity), I find the compunction to continue writing has hit.

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